MYE 063: Super Easy Ways To Sell Online Courses (No Audience Required)

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With so many tools, platforms and marketplaces around to get your course published, Grant goes a little bit into what are the differences between them and once you’ve made your content, how to pre-sell your course at a low risk, a simple technique to get people onboard, how partnerships can help you immensely to kickstart your audience and a great way to get your name around the web.

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  • Differences between platforms, software tools and marketplaces
  • How starting with a webinar can be a very low risk to pre-sell your content
  • A way to make the video content for your course while getting paid
  • How contacting people directly can be a simple but effective tool
  • A way of working with patterns to jumpstart your audience
  • How the co-creation model works
  • An easy way to spread your name around the web and get those views coming

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