MYE 077: Teachable Co-Founder On Million Dollar Startups And The Future Of Online Courses – Conrad Wadowski

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Conrad started his career helping startups grow their user base – after learning on his own with a financial app he helped launch. Conrad started out with courses as a way to generate leads for his agency, but as the course started to generate revenue he started paying more attention, helping start and apply the same expertise he used to offer other companies.

In this episode Grant and Conrad discuss the pros and cons of different companies that offer paid courses or free courses (such as Udemy versus Edx), paying attention to what platforms you use to keep control of your content, the future of online learning and how it’s going to spread knowledge all over the World, and the best and worst practices for course creation, mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them.

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  • How courses are on the way to become more about lead generation than passive income
  • How courses help your branding by positioning you to become an expert
  • If you are able to objectively apply the advice you give in your own businesses
  • A technique of giving yourself advice on the third person to make things clearer
  • An analogy explaining how Teachable and Udemy compare to Etsy and Shopify
  • Why free MIT courses might not be as valuable as a well-made, paid course
  • How the rates of completion and goals for students matter on the end
  • The imbalance between the amount of things that we know and how many people don’t know those things
  • The trends of online education, and how it’s still in a very early stage
  • Best practices and worst practices of course creation

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