MYE 046: How To Travel For Free, with Traveling Dutchman Jasper Ribers

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In this episode, Grant talks with Jasper Ribers about leaving your job to pursue something that makes you happy, how not to get started with a business online, finding a passion into travelling by leveraging an asset you already have, ways to change your perspective with travel and a personal challenge from Grant to all the listeners out there!

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  • Jasper’s story leaving his job as a stock broker to go travel
  • How he got started making money right away with a trick and why you shouldn’t do it
  • The problem of being dependent of one factor of one tool
  • How he lost his first online business overnight
  • The two big lessons of his first online business failure
  • How he got started making money with Airbnb
  • A good rule of thumb to live by when you google “how to make money online”
  • The question to ask yourself when you’re starting any business
  • How to learn that time is more valuable than money
  • Grant’s challenge to you to change your perspective

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