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Mike Harrington

“What can I say about Grant… He’s an established authority on getting online courses off the ground and profitable. After talking with him, and further validating (along with some sexy tactics) – I’m confident my first release is going to be more successful than I first envisioned. Get in touch with Grant if you want to validate a course idea, and get an initial blue print for where to spend the bulk of your focus…results will follow.”

Mike HarringtonBreakSixFigures

How I Can Help

We all have expertise that can easily be turned into passive income through online courses. I’ve even launched courses in less than 48 hours that have made thousands of dollars, and helped new instructors turn their first courses into automatic, money-making machines. All you need is a cheap microphone, some slides, and a step-by-step process for creating and marketing courses effectively.

I can help you…

  • Make tens of thousands of dollars per year automatically (once your courses are launched)
  • Use the best practices of course creation to make irresistible content
  • Validate your course ideas before launching
  • Use your Udemy courses to organically capture you leads AND make you money
  • Build your brand and authority with Udemy courses

Udemy Coaching

Working with me means you will get…

  • Two coaching calls – typically one to plan out excellent content and the second to create a marketing launch strategy
  • Free access to anyone within my network who can support you – I can offer connections in a wide variety of industries to help you take things to the next level. Connections are everything!
  • Unlimited email support. Send me questions anytime and I will do everything I can to help
  • I take pride in working myself out of a job – I will teach you as quickly as possible to successfully launch your own courses moving forward
Will Tang

“Grant provided deep and thoughtful insight on my questions regarding starting up an e-course/online course. He’s given me quite a bit of motivation to do my own Udemy course. I would highly recommend anyone to speak to Grant if you have burning questions about how online courses work.”

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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

Farnoosh Brock

“Grant was beyond helpful on this call. He is very knowledgeable about Udemy and I feel so excited at the prospect of enhancing my course reach to more students. Thanks Grant!”


Kyle Gray

“Grant was very attentive to my questions and very open in his answers. It was refreshing to talk to someone who was so generous in their knowledge. He helped me figure out some action steps I needed to take to get started creating a course and making some passive income.”


Kyle GrayWPCurve
Piccia Neri

“I am delighted that I can count on Grant’s advice so that I can finally kick butt at Udemy. I am sure that thanks to his insight and guidance I will finally get my courses off the ground. I look forward to working with Grant and I recommend you connect with him if you are also struggling on how to get started with Udemy.”


Piccia Neri