MYE 072: Udemy’s Pricing Policy Change (And Do You Want Your Own Course Website?!)

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In this episode, Grant talks about Udemy’s new pricing policy, how its been changing the platform, what was the intention behind it, how that can change your strategy, the benefits of having your own platform versus using a third party, and why maybe it’s not great to delete your courses from Udemy and leave them there for some extra revenue

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ep-72-udemys-pricing-policy-change2016-04-17aCRListen to this episode to find out:

  • What are the new policies regarding course prices
  • How the new policies might impact your strategy
  • The things that Udemy is very good for and what it’s not
  • How sometimes it’s not in your best interest to delete your course from Udemy
  • A special link to help you move your courses, change platforms and maximise profits

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