MYE 054: Why You Should Call Your Customers


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Everybody loves to talk about the latest marketing technologies and strategies, so oftentimes the phone gets overlooked. In this episode, Grant gives good arguments for this older mean of communication and how it can help you grow your business and close a few more sales faster than other strategies. In a phone call, the path to customer trust is a lot quicker and you can take advantage of that, as long as you observe the right time to do it and how much of your time and effort to put into it so that it’s worth the money.

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  • The most overlooked way to sell
  • How low-tech means of communication can get you quicker to a sale
  • How it’s more in your interest to call your costumers if you have a more complex info product
  • The main difference between new marketing strategies and the old-school call
  • The best times to call your costumers
  • How to balance product price versus client acquisition costs
  • The way that placing a value on your time can help you define price points for sales

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